Me, after a day’s work in the stone dust.

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The driving force which made me start sculpting was the need to create in the real world those shapes and designs I had in my head for many years. Since I knew quite well what I wanted, it was largely a matter of just finding the right medium (and technique) for those ideas. The natural choice for me was stone as the most fundamental material. I’m not quite sure where all those ideas come from – some certainly are inspired by sculptures I saw somewhere. However, I felt that the different stone I’m working with has great influence on the final shape and also the state of mind I’m in when working. For example the idea for the ‘birdman’ came from some Henry Moore sculptures, but while carving the stone it took on a life of its own. At some point in the process I feel I’m losing control and the file and chisel take over. With other sculptures, like the polar bear, it turned out exactly as I had in mind.

While experimenting with different stones and materials I quickly realized that this was more than just creating shapes and figures. This was something that involves the whole person and that person does not live in isolation, but in a social and political context. It was a real emotional and engaging experience to create for example the ‘Silence of Bagram’. All my frustration and anger about those human rights abuses, the double standards of our western representatives, the dehumanization of ‘others’ went into this process. Just by writing about it, the silence of Bagram is still screaming loud at me! This sculpture was not planned, I had no idea about the outcome at the start, I just wanted to do something with those two leftover pieces and just let my emotions guide the process.

I feel that artists, just like scientists, don’t live in their ivory tower, they have to have a social conscience and responsibility!

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