Cement sculptures basically can be made in any size, any shape. The limitation here is not the material but how much time one wants to invest. It took about 30 days for the moai and 20 days for greed

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This MOAI is overlooking the cooperative college in Kegalla, Sri Lanka; seems they are taking good care of it.

He is about 3 meter high

Greed found a temporary home in front of ‘La Fabrique’, our artist’ coop here in Chelsea

1.5 m

Greed (or the human vulture)

There are plans for a much bigger version—has not materialized yet.

Bit over 1 m

Man & woman

Uwe’s sculptures

custom made garden sculptures, any size

Silence of Bagram

Here is one I’m just working on, after the smaller version…. This is only the metal frame inside of all those sculptures which will be covered in cement

2.5x2x2 m

Electro sapiens

The next step in computer evolution.

This was a commissioned work in the e-waste campaign of Habitat for Humanity

6 x 4 m

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